stamp collection was stolen in a break-in in Osterley, west London, some time between Saturday October 5 and Wednesday October 9. Here is a list of what we think are the highlights of his collection so that traders/dealers can be alerted. All are classified as ‘used’ (as per the Stanley Gibbons checklist book).

From the Queen Victoria era we believe there were six Penny Blacks from 1840 (cat 2 in Stanley Gibbons), a 2d Victorian blue from 1840 (Cat 5), a Penny red-brown from 1840 (cat 8) and a 2d Blue from 1841 (cat 14). There is also a 1.5d red from 1858-70 (cat 52), a one shilling green from 1855-87 (no corner letters).

There should also be a full set of 1883-84 watermark imperial crown Type 49 (cat 187 to 196 in  Stanley Gibbons) a full set of Jubilee issue bi-coloured stamps, 1887-1900 (197e to 214 in Stanley Gibbons) and an almost full set of watermark Imperial Crown 1902 to 13 (215 to 260).

From the King George V era (1910 to 1936) we also have watermark single cypher type ,1913 to 1918 (413a/418/417/403 in Stanley Gibbons) and British Empire Exhibition 1924-25 (430/431/432/433 in Stanley Gibbons).

There are others from the King George V1 era (1936 to 1952) and through the Elizabeth era but they are less valuable.

If any dealers want to see my father’s checklist book for further clarification I’d be happy to meet them.

Many of the older stamps were hinged into catalogues and I think my father would have written handwritten notes on them (in his very italic style). Some albums should have his name on them – T L Folley.

I appreciate this Is a needle-in-a-haystack exercise but any help would be appreciated as we are very upset by this robbery on my mother’s house.

Kind regards



Chris Folley


Please contact
Megan Tester
T: +44 (0)1342 837888
M: +44 (0)7376 136517