And another lost post parcel!

A DHL package was lost on the way back from a Berlin publicly appointed and sworn experts.

DHL does not accept Class II securities for packages, including valid and historical stamps. It also does not help seal (as in ancient times), gluing or declaring a higher value. When sending stamps and receipts, the collector goes to God's hand and if something goes wrong, nothing will be refunded.

In Germany, about 10 million parcels are transported daily by the different service providers. Experts expect a doubling of this number due to the so-called e-commerce, i.e. the mail-order business over the Internet, in the next 5 years. Already today the share of the returns of packages, i.e. the return of goods, is about 30%.

In the specific case, the DHL package (according to the consignment tracking) has been delivered to such a return center. Behind the return center is a transport container of an English shipping company, at the depot of DHL in Großbeeren near Berlin, Germany. Here the package was scanned for the last time and then of course without signing brought into the container. The retailer replies to an email about the package as follows: "Unfortunately, due to the high number of daily returns, it is not possible for the warehouse to inadvertently filter out and forward packets returned. I understand that the stamps have considerable collector's value for you. I regret it very much, but when Mr. ... the important things have accidentally returned to ASOS, they are destroyed because they cannot be attributed. "

The following pieces are hopefully not destroyed and may reappear:




















KIAUTSCHOU 1908, Michel Nr. 32 I = 20 C, Friendensdruck mit Stempel „SCHATSYKOU 10.9 09“ auf Einschreibbrief mit Zettel Litsun Nr 220 nach Krombach in Böhmen.


KIAUTSCHOU 1908, Michel no. 32 I = 20 C, Friendensdruck with postmark "SCHATSYKOU 10.9 09" on registered cover with slip Litsun Nr 220 to Krombach in Bohemia.












KIAUTSCHOU 1900, Michel-Nr. 1 I = 5Pfg auf 10 PF, lebhaftlilarot, Überdruck in Type 3 mit Stempel „KAIS.DEUTSCHE/MARINE-/SCHIFFSPOST/No. 46 6 6 00“ auf Postkarte nach Glogau.


KIAUTSCHOU 1900, Michel no. 1 I = 5Pfg to 10 PF, vividlilared, overpressure in type 3 with postmark "KAIS.DEUTSCHE / MARINE- / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 46 6 6 00 "on postcard to Glogau.

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