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Airmails of New Zealand

Antarctic Philately  

Australia, Colony of Victoria,  Issues to 1912

Alterations, Fakes & Forgeries   (U.S.A Stamps)


Bahamas Stamps & Postal History

Birds on Stamps 

Birds on Stamps ( & other links)

British Colonial Stamp Sites   

British Commonwealth Postmarks

British Malaya stamps, Security markings


Canada Stamps. Re-entries on postage & Revenue stamps 

Canada The Small Queens issue 1870 - 1897

Cape of Good Hope Triangular Stamps  (Plates & Die Proofs)

Catapult Mail 

Chess on Stamps

Colour Trials or Trial Colour Plate Proofs

Comparative Stamp Forgery Identification Site

Czechoslovakian stamps 1918 - 1939


Denmark Postal Stationery 1871 - 1905   (View in Opera)


eBay Forgeries, Fakes, Dodgy sellers , Scams


Finland Postal History 1889 - 1918

Forgeries – various links to details on stamp forgeries from around the world

French Engraving Die Proofs and Essays


Gandi Stamp Club  (Forged Indian stamps)

Greenland Censorship & WW2 APO’S WW2 Censorship history


Hawaii Mail & Postage Stamps of the 19th Century 

Heligoland  Identification  of originals & reprints


Japan Hand Engraved stamps

Japanese Forgeries


King George V Silver Jubilee Stamps 

King George VI Definitive’s

King  George VI Philatelic Resources

King George VI Commonwealth Errors & Varieties

Large Hermes Head Stamps Of Greece

Letter Box Study Group


Netherlands Revenues

New Zealand Chalon Portrait Stamps

New Zealand Stamp Images


Officially Sealed Mails of the World


Philatelic Expertisation Marks

Philatelic Forgeries

Philatelic Publications and Reference Material

Postal History 


Rhodesian Admirals 1913—1924


Scout & Guide Christmas Charity Stamps   

Sea Turtle Postage Stamps around the World 

Soviet Union New Issues, former

Spain Alfonso X111 The Definitive Issues 

Sperati Forgery Index

Stamp Collectors against dodgy sellers

Stamp Forgery Guide

Stamp Printers info 

Stamp Scandal (fake stamp issues)

Suez Canal   (forgeries & genuine)


United Nations Stamps

United States Domestic Postage Rates 1792 - 1855

U.S.A. stamps from 1847  (for the specialist U.S.A. collector)

U.S Stamps The complete pictorial & price guide

U.S. Revenue stamps (Cirtis collection)

U.S. Counterfeits and Fakes of Confederate Stamps

U.S. 32c Flag over Porch


The U.S. 1851 - 1857 3-Cent Imperforate Stamp

The History of U.S. Mail: From Traditional to Electronic


Washington-Franklin Series Single line watermarks

Washington-Franklin Series Offset Issues  

Washington-Franklin identifier

World Stamp Experts index


1˘ Franklin Plating Archive