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British Postal Museum & Archive    R. M.  Phillips Collection

Collect G.B. Stamps 1840 - 2024

Great Britain  (for the Specialist collector)

G.B. Stamps.com

Great Britain Queen Victorian Stamps  (Information for the G.B. Specialist)

Great Britain First Day Covers   ( G B F D C )

Great Britain Machins 

Great Britain Philately

Great Britain Line Engraved Queen Victoria made easy (Wm F Blank)

Great Britain Q.V. to QEII

Machin Definitive's 

Machin Definitive Stamps 


Philatelic Links

The Postage stamps of Great Britain 1840 to 1901

Stamps of Great Britain   

The One penny Postage Stamps of Great Britain 1848 to 1864

Before the 1d Black  (E and R Shanahan. )

Before the 1d Black  Part 1 (Ken Lawrence)

Before the 1d Black  Part 1 Revisited (ken Lawrence)

1d Black Database of scans