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This is a free service to everyone the has had an item stolen from a fair, private residence or via the postal services.

All I require is a scan of the item, description, police Crime No and a telephone contact number should the item be found.

There is no charge for this service, but if the item is located, a donation would be appreciated.

P.T.S. Stolen or lost stamps

Stolen First Day Covers  Addressed to Meon Lea

Stolen from Sandafayre 20th November 2019

Attempted theft at Stanley Auctions on the 19th November 2019

Break-in in Osterley, West London

Stolen from Martello Auction Friday 26th July

Stolen in Transit

Burglary  Three Stamp Albums Stolen Including 1d Black 4 margin Fine used Plate 11

Stolen in transit ˝d. Downey on front of a postcard, depicting Craithie Church/ Locknagar, cancelled by the Balmoral Castle cds for SP.30.12.

Lost in the post   SPINK New York – Sale 167 - The Philatelic Collector's Series Sale, 12th September 2018

Cheque bounced at Stanley Gibbons          Mr Philip Marks, Welwyn Garden City Herts

Can you identify this person?

Stolen from a dealers stock at February Stampex 2018

Watford burglary Stolen stamp collection Sunday 7th January

Stolen cover  1847 (16 April) "Lady McLeod"

Stolen Stamp Collection

Stolen Credit Card

Corinphila Auction lots of Greece, lot numbers 4262-4338 in the forthcoming sale of November 22/24, 2017, , from Fedex package sent between Lymington

Attempted theft at Enfield Stamp Centre

China cover missing in post. Lost French collection from Orpington fair 10th June

Stamp missing in the post  SG163 1881 1s. Orange-brown stamp, plate 13, lettered NC with a Telegraph 111 hand stamp cancel.

Stamps missing in the post

Collection of Wildings stolen including Bradbury inverted watermarks

Churchill stamp (colour error & missing queens head stolen from collection)  Interesting!

Rushstamps consignment lost in post

M Jethwa and bearing Kenya address (P O Box 39 Kisumu) and UK address (Banstead).

Stolen collection

1919 Railway Strike Air Mail.

Stolen in the post US Scott #47 No gum as issued.  Value $2750

Theft from Purves Philatelics

German states postal history lost in transit.

Stolen from a exhibition in Sindelfingen / Germany.

Stolen from a Spink & Son auction lot

Collection stolen from Harrow

Stolen in transit 28th September 2016

Burglary in Devon

Beware of this type of emails

Germany-Post War Soviet Zone stamp collection in seven binders

STOLEN FROM Potters Bar stamp fair  Sunday 19th April

** There have been reports of stolen goods from a member of the public who attended Grosvenor's last auction on Tuesday 21 April 2015. A briefcase containing the items is suspected to have been taken off a train in the East Croydon area

Early Siam/Thailand including specialised studies of the French Occupation of Chantaburi 1893-1904

Stolen from Stampex. Friday 20th or Saturday 21st February


Stolen credit card

Beware of forged Malayan Postmarks  (for sale on eBay)

Queen Victoria 1d black  letters  V R  D C with certificate stolen from Stampex